Friday, 18 November 2011


Ok I am little slow at getting things posted school is now getting near the end and it's like never ending assignments!! And to top it off I had a bunch of November themed nails done and I cannot seem to find where I placed them to take pictures and put them up so I am going to add some other stuff for now and then when I find the others or redo them I will put those up...sorry again guys!

These are Ghostbuster nails I did for my son who loves Ghostbusters and I put up both of them because the big toes are different I had done one and when my son came out to see them he got excited and smudged it so I redid it with the stay puft and in case it's hard to tell what the rest is...I have a slimer and the trap with the cord and the step thing that opens the trap haha hope you enjoy and I will find my Movember themed nails and Remembrance day even though it is over it's never too late to show your support :)

I also have a few more November themes to do so stay tuned :)

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