Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Keeping Up My Blog!

I really want to be able to keep up a little of my blog while I am in school so I think I am going to do a bunch of blogs with nail art that I have previously done and store them, so that when I don't have a chance to do my actual nails and they have to be naked (EEEEKKKK) I will have something else to show you guys. Now the only real problem with that is that I am not sure where I got my inspiration for all my art from anymore. That's where you guys come in because I want to give credit where credit is due!! So if you see something on my blog and you know where I got it from just let me know so I can credit the person :)

So on with the show I guess...this is a mosiac nail art I love much fun and basically this was on a day that I couldn't pick between colors so I just decided to find lots of colors that went semi well together and started dotting :) and then to tidy it up a bit I underlined it with a silver. Nothing to fancy but kind of fun and summery, the only down fall to this one is it took a long time to get that many dots on!!

Hope you like it!