Sunday, 8 January 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I am honored to receive this award from Claws Up. Thanks so much it means a lot to me and it's my very first award. I love your blog and so many others the blog community is so much fun and I love getting to learn about new people and new things! Thanks all! This also gives me a good opportunity to get back into my blogging after my long crazy Christmas break :)

The rules for this award:
Link back to the person who gave you this award.
Complete the questions below and include 7 random facts about yourself.
Award this to 10 other bloggers

1. Name your favorite song
I have to pick one song...but there are soo many...ummm if I have to pick one right now lets see Hedley - Invincible

2. Name your favorite dessert
Cheesecake but it has to be flavored cheesecake or have some sort of fruit on it :)
3. What ticks me off:
Ignorant people, basically people who don't think about anyone but themselves

4. When I'm upset I...
I want to be by myself and be completely left alone until I am ready to vent on my own terms, it drives my boyfriend nuts haha

5. What's your favorite pet?
My beagle puppy Sam. She has been my dream dog since I was little, I always always wanted a beagle and now I have her and I love her soo much!

Sam as a baby

 Sam growing, she still thinks she's a lap dog and loves to cuddle!

6. Black or white?
Either depends on my mood :)

7. Biggest Fear:
Losing my kids or leaving them before they are gown up.

8. Everyday attitude:
Happy, fun, kid like and easy going :) I love life and like to show it :)

9.  What is perfection?
In the eye of the beholder, nothing is really perfect but it might be just perfect for you :)

10.  Guilty pleasure:
Chocolate, of course nail art and acting like a little kid and being able to get away with it because I have kids :)

 7 facts:
this is gonna be a bit of a challenge haha

1. I am engaged, to the greatest man alive, but oddly enough I am afraid of marriage.

2. I suppose it's no real surprise but I love my family, my kids are my whole world they are the most amazing part of my life and although I wasn't actually suppose to be able to have kids I couldn't imagine my life without them now :)

3. I am a complete goofball, I don't like to take life to seriously and live everyday to it's fullest, life is too short to analyze everything and be grumpy. Every chance I get I do something fun and play a lot with my boys, I know one day mommy won't be so much fun to hang out with haha!

4. I have one little sister and although we fought sooo much while we were growing up together and when I say fought I mean full out fist fights haha and now she is one of my best friends :)

5. I love Tim Burton movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas being one of my faves. I think hes so creative and unique.

6. I surprised myself last semester at school and finished the semester with honors, I never thought I was capable, mostly because I barely went to high school and yet somehow managed to graduate. My goal now is to graduate with my honors :)

7. I am organizational freak but not a clean freak haha if that makes sense, I need to have things organized and in there place but I take things out of where they don't belong and if they don't have a place yet they just sit there until I can reorganize another place for them haha

Well this was fun and now for me to pass it on....
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I love soo many blogs I hope that I am not repeating this on anyone :) and I hope you guys found my stuff interesting and entertaining :)

Lots of love to all the bloggers out there, now that I have started my own blog I have noticed that it's sometimes a stuggle to keep up so my hat goes off to those of you who do keep yours up and current :)


  1. your welcome! I loved reading your answers. you puppy is SO CUTE! i have always wanted a beagle too! im going to name him darwin. haha i am crazy!

  2. Thank you so much this is so great!This was a great read about you! The Kids and puppy are so cute!